Accessing good healthcare in Chattanooga

How to Get the Best Healthcare Advice in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee is a fast-growing city offering quality health care in many areas. As a hub for traffic to several larger cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and Knoxville, Chattanooga has a small town feel in many ways. Yet larger corporations, such as Volkswagen, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Chattanooga, McKee Foods (Little Debbie), and Amazon, as well as the major healthcare corporationlike BlueCross BlueShield of TN have large workforces with a vast array of health care needs. Chattanooga residents with chronic or acute conditions and diseases often find it difficult to navigate their health care needs. This makes Chattanooga a perfect area to benefit from all the advantages of a health care coach.

Health Coach: Source for Health Guidance and Advice

Many people think of a health coach as someone who only helps you to lose weight. Though it may have started with that focus, the modern health coach is someone who not only helps you manage ongoing conditions, such as obesity, but also helps you to find the right healthcare team for your particular needs and deal with the maze that insurance often has to get claims paid.

Chattanooga has some very high performing hospitals, including Memorial  and Erlanger Health Care System; but when a person needs more specialized attention, this could mean a trip to a larger metropolis, such as Atlanta, Nashville, or Knoxville. A health coach can not only help with the recovery practice upon your return but may be able to help you find the right providers –  that are the best at treating your particular condition, whether they are in Chattanooga or down the road. Sometimes the mental cost of travel is not necessary if there is a provider closer to home that is equally qualified. Having someone who can help you evaluate this is invaluable.

Increasing Life Expectancy

One major benefit to enlisting the services of a health coach is an increase in life expectancy. According to the Tennessee Board of Health, someone born in 2013 can expect to live approximately 77.4 years . While this may sound like a positive number, the life expectancy average in the United States is 78.8, which means that Tennessee is behind the mark nationally. What does this mean for Chattanooga residents?

A health coach can guide a person in dealing with chronic conditions, which can decrease health effects from such things as diabetes, heart disease, and more. Additionally, when you are diagnosed with life-changing or acute disease, such as cancer, a health coach can ensure that you get the most experienced and knowledgeable health care. With better care, you can live a longer life.

No matter how long life expectancy is, if you are not living a quality life in which you are able to do the activities you desire, it is not life fully lived. Physical, mental, and emotional issues can all impact your quality of life, so having a health coach that will manage your health care can go a long way to giving you a better quality of life, so that you can live the life you want.

According to a self-reported survey regarding quality of life, 23% of respondents in Hamilton County (Chattanooga) report that they are limited due to physical, mental, or emotional issues. The right health coach can take some of the stress out of the healthcare maze to ensure that you are getting proper care for all of your needs, rather than just physically.


Chattanooga residents deal with medical conditions every day, but they may not be prepared as they think. Having someone to guide them through not just the provider maze, but also the insurance maze can go a long way to increasing quality of life and life expectancy. A health coach can be a great help in dealing with both chronic and acute conditions to allow you to live your best life. 

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