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Group of multi-gendered, multi-ethnic medical professionals
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 We are excited to be partnering with our esteemed partners at Trion. If you are a self-insured entity, Curus can play a pivotal role in enhancing outcomes and simultaneously reducing the cost of care.

For more information, contact Susan Wellman, Vice President of Strategic Relations, 248-660-6447, or [email protected].

About Us

Our Medical Advisory Team, comprised of diverse medical experts, collaborates with top-tier medical personnel to tailor healthcare evaluations for your members. At Curus, our mission is to empower your members with choices for informed healthcare decisions. Aligned with premier hospitals nationwide, we craft personalized solutions for every unique healthcare path.

The Curus Edge: A Dedicated Team for Your Well-Being

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, access to elite specialists should be straightforward. Curus efficiently guides your high-cost claimants and executives through this terrain, ensuring ease at every step. With Curus, your members have comprehensive support from physicians, nurses, health concierges, and billers—all working in harmony for their optimal health. We prioritize the complete well-being of your members, centering our approach around their needs and quality of life.

Healthcare Mastery with Curus: Your Round-the-Clock Health Partner

Count on Curus as your guiding force, providing advice, research, and oversight in healthcare. Our robust network guarantees premium care, whether close to home or globally. We are your round-the-clock, year-round health partner—dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the healthcare experience for your members.


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