Curus has a Medical Advisory Team that is supported by physicians from a full range of medical specialties.  Our Medical Advisory Team consults with our  Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officer to evaluate care options for Curus Members.  Healthcare decisions for each member will differ depending on needs and circumstances.

For example, the quality of medical care is excellent in most metropolitan areas of the U.S.  In helping a member decide to seek medical care outside of the Members’ community, needs will always be balanced against the dislocation and the disruption that will occur.  Curus looks after every member’s best interest, depending on the health care needs of the member (large or small). Curus is happy to provide healthcare options that are in networkout of network or a combination of both.  Curus provides customized services for every member’s unique needs.

The philosophy of Curus is to provide our members with a series of choices to help them reach the best decisions for their healthcare needs.

We network and partner with the top hospitals and systems nationwide to find our members their customized solution.

We are here to make your life easier.  Curus will manage your health in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.  It is frustrating, time consuming and often impossible to access the leaders in different fields of medicine and at the many medical centers of excellence.  We are here to manage that process and more for you.

Curus Members get the whole team.  We are physicians, nurses, researchers, clinical pharmacists, personal health concierges, medical billers, and a myriad of other knowledgeable health care experts working collaboratively for you.

Our focus is the total you.   Curus is Member-centric and committed to your quality of life.

It’s simple and we will walk you through it. We advise, we navigate, we research, we monitor your healthcare.  Curus manages the process and we have the procedures and contacts to assure you get the care you need and deserve.  Whether it’s in your home town, at a second home, or as you travel the world, Curus is your answer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Curus Membership

A personal Electronic Health Record (EHR) is created and maintained by Curus. Easy access to your organized and collective medical history is critical to good medical care in both emergent and non-emergent situations.

When you join Curus, our Medical Director will review your EHR. We know you’ve seen multiple physicians.  Now that we have your personalized electronic file…we’ll take a fresh look.  We are your healthcare advocates.

Our medical team is always available to answer any questions and address  your concerns.

We take a holistic approach to managing our Members’ healthcare. Critical information is often exposed that would otherwise go undetected.  A Clinical Pharmacy review by our Registered Pharmacist is an example of how we evaluate your current regimen and keep you informed.

Education and proactive communications related to important and relevant medical information will be forwarded to you. The more you know, the healthier the choices you will make.

Curus Members carry a membership card in their wallet. This card has Curus’s contact information and your personalized password and ID for accessing your Electronic Health Record.  In an emergency, first responders will have knowledge of your medical conditions, the medications you take, any known allergies you have, who to contact (physicians and family) and how to reach Curus for coordination of care.

Personal Health Concierge (PHC) is available by phone or email 24/7/365. Your PHC is the link to accessing a physician, a medical center of excellence, your records, our physicians…anytime and from anywhere.

We provide our services around your needs.

Curus specializes in you.

We offer extra “Curus” when it is needed.