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What will Curus do for me the agent (broker)?  

Curus is a product of distinction.  It is new, it is innovative and it’s purpose, to navigate the convoluted and complex healthcare system for its’ members, offers a product that will distinguish you from all the competition.


What will Curus do for my customers? 

 We have a lot of healthcare problems in this country, and they are spilling over into your customers’ businesses everyday.  Business owners will appreciate that you are presenting a product that increases loyalty from their key employees and increases productivity.

Differentiate yourself from the competition by marketing Curus.

Why healthcare management? 

In our current healthcare environment, the old ways just aren’t good enough.  The chaos inherent in healthcare places too big of a burden on anyone trying to access a physician, coordinate care, negotiate or understand a medical billing statement, research options and get the best information and treatment available.  Curus effectively and efficiently manages all of this for their members, often very busy executives, giving them more time to focus on work and family.

Curus is easy….

Curus will support you with online and printed sales tools and telephone support.  We have brochures, a video and the testimony of members who appreciate the value of a Curus Membership.

Differentiate yourself from the competition by marketing Curus.

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