We provide individualized services tailored to meet your specific healthcare needs. Curus specializes in you.

Member Services

  • Easy access to all your medical records
  • Private and Secure storage of records in single repository
  • Coordination of records between doctors
  • Assistance in find new and or different physicians and specialists
  • Vetting for 2nd opinions
  • Access to medical centers of excellence
  • Review and explanation of medical conditions, procedures, tests, etc…
  • Medication assessment by Clinical pharmacist
  • Health & wellness education
  • Medical billing and insurance paperwork review
  • Patient advocacy
  • Appointment coordination
  • Proactive personal interaction by a point of contact that knows you
  • Arrangements for home healthcare
  • Coordination of healthcare when traveling
  • Services tailored to both immediate and future needs

REDUCE STRESS by delegating the management of your healthcare to a professional.

SAVE VALUABLE TIME by letting Curus navigate the healthcare maze while you focus on yourself, your family, and your work.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY with 24/7/365 ongoing global support.

The registration process is simple and we will walk you through it. Call Curus 7:00 am – 7:00 pm EST Monday – Friday at phone 888-674-4852 or E-mail us at [email protected].