Premier Care

You trust the experts to help manage your money and guide decisions in making the most of our assets and resources. Curus does the same for health. From managing the mundane like appointment scheduling to finding a specialist for a plaguing chronic issue, Curus coordination team is there every step of the way for you. 

Even when you are traveling, whether its for business, pleasure or seasonal, Curus will help locate healthcare and ensure your providers have the information they need. 

Concierge level healthcare coordination:

  • find the best medical resources available

  • resolve out-of-network fees before and after delivery of services

  • assist with your medical bills and Explanation of Benefits

  • have your back and be by your side to advocate for you

  • negotiate the best rates and prices for your pharmaceuticals and medical costs

  • be there to help with your most immediate needs from setting up your appointments to coordinating your overall medical care, whether that involves assessing your risk factors or managing an acute condition/disease

  • help if you get sick while out of town or while you are on vacation

  • obtain second opinions whenever advisable

  • provide you with a trusted guide where, when and how you
    require medical attention

Curus makes partnering to serve your clients easy.

Curus partners with wealth managers to provide coordination of healthcare to help maintain the best quality of life. We support our wealth management partners with materials to introduce Curus to clients in an uncomplicated way while they continue to oversee their financial matters as trusted advisors.