Terms & Conditions

Curus is premium comprehensive healthcare management. We provide our members with independent, qualified research, resources, access to local, regional and national medical centers of excellence and most importantly we provide strong health care advocacy in all we do for our members.

Curus is not rendering medical advice on our website. Curus does not provide specific medical advice and does not endorse any medical or professional service obtained through information provided on this site or any links to this site.

Use of the Curus web site does not replace a medical consultation with a qualified health or medical professional to meet the health and medical needs of you or others.

While the content of the Curus web site is frequently updated, medical information changes rapidly and therefore, some information may be out of date, and/or contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Curus relies on the accuracy provided by others in records obtained; although reviewed to the best of our ability. Further, Curus member acknowledges responsibility of notifying Curus of where, when, healthcare events have been treated by others. Curus expeditiously requests members’ medical records when notified of a healthcare event, however Curus cannot be responsible for the expediency of delivery of records from outside sources.