Mental Health Coaching

 Mental health is just as, if not more, important as your physical health. As evidenced by the number of high profile people dealing with mental illness, it is not a matter to just sweep under the rug. Whether you or an employee is depressed, anxious, or experience a mixture of symptoms, a health coach can provide Motivational Interviewing based health coaching to improve “both physical and mental health status in occupational setting.” A health coach can work closely with you and your mental healthcare providers to ensure that you get the proper care and tools to deal with symptoms of mental distress or illness.  

The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

There is a very strong link between being physically healthy and being mentally healthy. Many studies have found that exercise increases your endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Additionally, exercise and eating healthier can make you feel better overall, which can decrease anxiety and help you to feel better overall. A health coach can work with you or your employees to ensure that you are making positive changes in your life to be more physically healthy, which can help mental conditions as well. An article by the INLP called “Does Mental Wellness Coaching Work? Check this Study…” actually demonstrated that mental health coaching may have played a factor in lowering blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

ScienceDirect The relationship between physical and mental health: A mediation analysis

The Importance of Employer Offered Mental Health Coaching

Both your employees and your business as a whole can be aided by offering mental health coaching. Life is stressful and, although many of us try to, we cannot just simply forget what is going on at home when we come to work. This affects our work performance in a major way, which decreases work efficiency and focus. Offering your employees mental health coaching can give them the tools they need to deal with normal, everyday stresses and get them the proper medical care when needed, to keep your business moving in a positive way.

Ignoring Mental Health Makes Us Sicker

Unfortunately, there is a huge stigma concerning mental illness and many people never get the care or assistance that they need. Lack of treatment can lead to suicide and other self-destructive behaviors, including drugs and alcohol. According to Psychology Today  the US Surgeon General labeled stigma as the biggest hindrance to mental health care in 1999 and we are still seeing this as a major problem. By offering easy to find and up front mental health care, you can take some of the stigma away from it and help your employees get the mental health care that they need to be healthy, which increases job satisfaction and efficiency. 

Having a properly trained, professional health coach who is accountable for the services provided can give you or your employees the tools and support needed to deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions. Whether it is referrals to the proper healthcare providers or offering tips and tools for dealing with life, this coach can walk beside the person who is dealing with mental illness to help them find a healthier way of life, both physically and mentally.

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