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Human Resources: A CEO’s Key Leadership Partner During COVID-19

Apr 27, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world to a degree that has not happened in over 100 years, every organization from global corporations to small local businesses to independent ‘gig economy’ contractors became embroiled in a new reality of shutdowns, social distancing, economic uncertainty and remote work. Perhaps no business leader has been more critical to preparedness and ongoing operations than Human Resources (HR) professionals.  During a crisis like this, HR is to business as nurses are to a hospital: the first responders stabilizing the situation, coordinating continued care, taking the steps necessary to minimize damage and ensuring a...

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Telemedicine’s Role in Today’s Healthcare

Mar 6, 2020

We live in an age where the process of communication always seems to have an intermediary involved. We text rather than call; we gossip on social media; we ask Amazon to send us things by talking to "Alexa"; we receive higher education in the form of online courses, we use AI to select potential romantic partners, and now we're eliminating another significant human contact point - the physician. We're moving into the era of telemedicine. While the training for physicians now includes becoming more people conscious and having as much EQ as IQ,  we are telling them to be effective...

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Mental Health Coaching

Mar 14, 2019

 Mental health is just as, if not more, important as your physical health. As evidenced by the number of high profile people dealing with mental illness, it is not a matter to just sweep under the rug. Whether you or an employee is depressed, anxious, or experience a mixture of symptoms, a health coach can provide Motivational Interviewing based health coaching to improve “both physical and mental health status in occupational setting.” A health coach can work closely with you and your mental healthcare providers to ensure that you get the proper care and tools to deal with symptoms of mental distress or...

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Workplace Wellness Programs and the Need for a Health Coach

Oct 5, 2018

For executives, key employees, and professionals the concept of wellness programs within their work environment is a bit of an anomaly. With the electronics that we have available to us today, there really isn't an end to the work day. We are tethered to our smart phones almost 24/7 and we receive emails day and night. In this work environment, the idea of work-life balance becomes attenuated by the ongoing different demands of our work. Even when we are on "vacation," most of the people with whom we do business have continuing expectations of our availability. In this environment, where...

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