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Mental Health Cost of COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

By Mark Schlussel, CEOAs a nation we are facing a pandemic that threatens the fabric of our society -  We are aware of the need for social distancing and washing of  hands frequently. Those messages have been received.  However, as the reality of our isolation sinks in, we need to turn our attention to the mental health cost, as well as the physical and economic costs, of this pandemic.  There is no doubt in my mind that this experience will impact each one of us, no matter our background or socio-demographic. We will each never be the same as we...

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Telemedicine’s Role in Today’s Healthcare

Mar 6, 2020

We live in an age where the process of communication always seems to have an intermediary involved. We text rather than call; we gossip on social media; we ask Amazon to send us things by talking to "Alexa"; we receive higher education in the form of online courses, we use AI to select potential romantic partners, and now we're eliminating another significant human contact point - the physician. We're moving into the era of telemedicine. While the training for physicians now includes becoming more people conscious and having as much EQ as IQ,  we are telling them to be effective...

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Patient isolation is affecting healthcare delivery

Feb 20, 2020

Healthcare delivery is traveling along the same road of interpersonal interactions as all other aspects of our lives. The examples are numerous. The younger generation receives most of its information through a mobile device and utilize text as the preferred medium of communication. When we shop at the grocery store, we used to have a pleasant conversation with a highly competent employee when we checked out. Today, we slide bar codes across a computerized scanning system that calculates the cost of our purchases as we self bag our items. When we seek information by utilizing our phone as an actual...

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3 Steps to Make the Most of your Doctor Visits

Jan 22, 2020

here have been numerous studies in the past few years focused on physician-patient interactions. Physicians continue to be under increasing pressure to move through their patient load as expeditiously as possible. This is true with our primary care doctor as well as with the specialists we frequently need to see.  As a result of this time crunch, we often leave our physician appointments with the sense that many of our concerns were not addressed because the doctor did not have sufficient time for us. What can we do, as the patient, to facilitate a more effective interaction with our various physicians?The answer to this...

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Drug Wastage: Hospital & Outpatient

Jul 19, 2019

Drug wastage is defined as the portion of a medication bottle, syringe, or vial that is not given to a patient. Drug wastage has been found to contribute at least an additional two percent cost to total spending across all pharmaceutical lines. There are effects not only on patients due to the cost, but also to insurance companies, hospitals and other healthcare centers, and the patient’s or insured’s employers, especially when it is a smaller company. Nursing Home Drug Waste It should come as no surprise that nursing home residents consume a large amount of prescription drugs. It has been shown that 25%...

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